Angel Number 38 Meaning: A Symbol of Abundance

Has the number 38 been very present in your life? And now, all you can think about is, if it is just a pure coincidence. Well, first of all, let me tell you that it is no coincidence. Let’s now answer your question – what is the angel number 38 meaning?

The angel number 38 meaning carries a message from your angels, as well as from the Ascended Masters. Their message is to keep pursuing your current path, as you are close to success and abundance. Keep following your inner wisdom and take action as directed by your angel’s guidance.

Hopefully, this has provided a better understanding of the angel number 38 meaning. Keep reading, if you want to learn about the topic in more detail. I also discuss more on the number 38 numerology meaning and the meaning of the number in love and relationships.

Angel Number 38 Meaning and Significance

Angel Number 38 Meaning and symbolism

The vibrations that are combined in the angel number 38 are those of the single digits 3 and 8.

The number 3 is joyful, creative, and overall full of self-expression.

This translates into an abundance of creative and communicative talents and skills.

Number 3 is also connected to the Ascended Masters and Source Energy, which relates to the energies of enthusiasm, bliss, and spontaneity.

This is the number that has the great power to manifest your desires, as you are aligned with the Divine Source.

On the other hand, the number 8 is far less spiritual. It is a number that represents the material things in your life.

With the energy of angel number 8, you will be confident and able enough to reach your ambitions.

This is the sign from your angels that you can attract abundance into your surroundings.

Through the presence of angel number 38, the Universe wants you to know that the path you are on, is exactly the path you should be on.

You are being reassured by the divine that you should continue with your efforts toward your dreams.

The number 38 represents a life of abundance and happiness, which affects also your relationships.

If you are having a tough time with having money, your angels are sending you wealth.

The angel number 38 meaning and significance reflect a sense of support from your angels. Stay on your journey and soon you will reap your rewards.

The symbolism of 38 Angel Number

Through angel numbers, we can reach a balance in our lives, as they provide guidance directly from the divine.

The angel number 38 carries the vibration of the numbers 3 and 8.

Due to this, it is a number with a high impact on the bearer and also on the environment of the bearer.

This number symbolizes optimism and abundance in all areas of your life. It spreads its energy all around you.

Angel number 38 tends towards humor and makes great company. Not only that, it is a number that is generally open and non-judgmental.

Through the symbolism of 38 angel number, we can see, that it is very reliable and eager for new ideas.

The advice for people connected to the number 38, is that you should always heal your struggles with happiness and joy.

It is crucial to keep your heart in check, as it will give you the strength to persevere. Your angels’ message is to be consistent in life.

Whether that is by maintaining your peace or maintaining your pace on your journey, being consistent will help you with adjusting your thoughts.

What Does It Mean If I Keep Seeing 38?

I keep seeing 38. Why? Does it mean something?

Seeing the number 38 is a sign of spiritual presence. This is a way for your Ascended Masters to give you comfort and guidance.

If you are seeing angel number 38, it means that your angels want you to find joy in the spiritual things. After all, the divine powers stay here forever.

To find joy in spirituality, your angels might want you to consider a path as a humanitarian.

This will provide you with a sense of wholeness, which will lead you on your spiritual journey.

There are so many benefits that are waiting for you on your path.

After reaching the divine, you will find that your relationships have improved, your career path is getting easier and you will feel great pleasures in everyday life.

Notice how you are feeling when you spot the number 38.

If you are feeling indecisive or defeated about something, you can be sure that your angels want to make your decisions easier.

If you are already feeling at ease with yourself, seeing the number 38 is a sign that your angels have your back and are excited that you are going in the right direction.

I Stopped Seeing 38 – Why?

If after a while you stop seeing the number 38, it might be a sign that your angels are trying to connect differently.

Instead of asking yourself “Why have I stopped seeing 38?”, try to keep your mind and heart open to accept your angels’ message or advice.

Angel Number 38 Spiritual Meaning

Angel Number 38 Spiritual Meaning

You must keep in mind that the Universe always has your back when you need it.

Do not forget to ask the divine realm for help, even when you are already creating opportunities on your own.

The angel number 38 spiritual meaning is strongly connected to the master number 11, as 3+8=11. Therefore, 38 carries the properties of the master number 11.

Spiritually, the number 11 contains a high frequency that helps you build your dream life. This could mean a huge promotion at work or a positive shift in your love life.

Angel number 38 also gives us the ability to serve others.

If you are at a point, where you are indecisive about which path to choose, the angel number 38 has the power to offer guidance.

Your angels will help you make the right choice for you.

Number 38 will be of help even if you are not yet sure, what your life journey should be. Pay attention to the signs you are shown.

With angel number 38 spiritual meaning, there is a reassurance that the divine is sending abundance your way.

You have already proved that you deserve it by being loving and forgiving in your soul.

Keep praying for divine interference and your angels will come to help you.

They will make everything in their power to motivate us to keep going and keep working towards our desires.

38 Angel Number in Love and Relationship

If you are single, the number 38 represents emotional growth. It is also a sign of hope for a wholesome future relationship.

If you are in a relationship, the presence of angel number 38 means that you are passionate about being committed to someone.

You are the kind of person who enjoys being in a social and stable partnership.

The 38 angel number in love and relationship resonates with energies of deep connection.

You and your significant other are given the chance to truly engage with your partner’s life.

This is the time to learn about your partner’s goals and desires and be a support system for them. This will provide joy and confidence on both sides.

Your angels encourage you to guide your partner toward success, especially after you have accomplished your dreams.

If you are having relationship problems, seeing angel number 38 is a sign of upcoming peace. You will be filled with hope and abundance.

To keep each other content, remember to stay working on your emotional connection and try to be creative romantically.

The 38 angel number in love and relationships does not know loneliness. It is a social number that cannot be alone for long periods.

People who are connected with angel number 38 enjoy rationality and peace.

They prefer stable relationships with a partner who is loyal, practical and does not like drama.

Angel Number 38 Twin Flame

Your angels are always offering you guidance. Even if you may not feel their presence, they are always around you.

Their presence is a message from the Universe to help you on your path or to help you understand, why the path you are on is not the best for you.

The Universe is giving you signs about specific areas in your life, that you have your doubts about. This is also relevant for your twin flame journey.

If you are seeing the number 38, you are being offered direction on your path to finding your twin flame.

The meaning of the angel number 38 twin flame connection is abundance. Your angels are saying that you are on the right path toward your mirror soul.

Stay present and most importantly, stay focused on your desires. Only with this, you will be able to tune your vibrations to those of the divine realm.

Abundance and blessings are coming towards you on your twin flame journey. You will feel them personally and with your connection to your twin flame.

Angel number 38 has strong powers to provide your twin flame bond with wealth, both emotionally and physically.

38 Angel Number Manifestation

The angel number 38 carries the vibrational energies of the numbers 3 and 8.

Number 3 has great powers of growth, expansion, and manifestation. Furthermore, number 8 also carries the high vibrational energy of manifestation.

This makes angel number 38 perfect for attracting your desires. This means that the 38 angel number manifestation phase is already happening.

While you and in a manifestation phase, you should let go of your past and past experiences and keep your thoughts aligned with want you want in your future

Trust yourself and your destiny so that you will attract the vision you have for yourself.

Angel Number 38 Doreen Virtue

A well-known spiritualist, Doreen Virtue, believes that numbers have a strong impact on our lives. This includes the number 38.

In angel number 38 Doreen Virtue sees a sign of positive energy and divine love. Your guardian angels are giving you all the protection you need for your victory.

Number 38 Numerology Meaning

To define the number 38 numerology meaning, we must first break the number down to its single digits and its sum, which are numbers 3 and 8, and master number 11 (as 3+8=11).

The number 3 represents youthful and creative energy, with great communication skills. It is a very social number in nature.

The number 8 is on the other hand a number that represents success. It is a number that is balanced and stable, which provides many blessings.

Accordingly, the number 38 expresses wealth as a result of your efforts. This mostly translates into financial rewards in your life.

The presence of the number 38 is a sign that your financial situation will be fixed, and all other areas of your life will take a positive turn.

Believe in your abilities to improve your surroundings.

The number 38 is also deeply intertwined with the master number 11, as this is the sum of numbers 3 and 8.

The master number 11 is a powerful high-frequency number, which indicates the level of your spiritual awakening. It is also a sign that the divine realm sees you as a potential lightworker.

A lightworker is someone who serves others and has humanitarian tendencies. By seeing the number 38, your angels might be telling you that this is your true calling.

With an open mind, you will find your true calling through the messages from your guardian angels. When you realize your purpose, you allow abundance into your life.


Behind the angel number 38 meaning, there is an indication that your life is about to be filled with abundance in all areas of your life. Acknowledge the powers within you to succeed.

With this number’s power, there might be some unanswered questions. Leave a comment below, if you have one!

Angelo Russo serves as the primary writer and junior editor. He possesses a wealth of spiritual interpretations within his mind. Although he is a biologist by profession, he also has a deep connection to spiritualism and is eager to offer his extensive knowledge and expertise to assist and support you.

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